Consultants in Contract Administration, Project Management and

Management of Claims and Controversies.

Welcome to Global Contract Management!

Our services are defined as remote consultancies, with multidisciplinary support in "On Demand" mode, for Projects and Contracts in the Mining, Energy, Oil & Gas and Construction industries, among others. Our work modality allows our clients to manage the service with total flexibility and in an agile and simple way. 

The Value proposition considers the following:

  • Expert multidisciplinary advice at a low cost.

  • Resources available within 48 hrs.

  • HH contracting for full or only part time.

  • Increase or decrease the amount of HH when the client deems it necessary and convenient.

  • Terminate the Service Immediately and reactivate it in the same way.

  • Our services are developed 100% aligned with PMI, Lean and Agile methodologies.

  • We work from anywhere in the world.

  • We are adaptable to the type of contract (HH - Deliverables - Success fee).

  • We are 100% digital.


Remote work reduces the price of services considerably; On the other hand, the On-Demand modality allows the client to optimize the use of HH and PMI, Lean and Agile methodologies, reducing the margins of error and increasing the chances of success; saving time and money for our Clients.

Through our work modality, we provide Support, Guidance and the Human Resources necessary to help our Clients to design and implement their strategy to achieve success in the management and administration of their contracts and projects.

Our services are based on 5 fundamental pillars:

  • Remote Work.

  • PMI, Lean and Agile methodology.

  • Multidisciplinary Support.

  • Digitization

  • On-Demand mode.

Learn more about the services we offer, the modality used and our high performance professional team; Years of experience, academic support and specific trajectory in the different areas, guarantee the quality of our services.