Expert Multidisciplinary Consulting

We are a group of professionals with vast experience in project development, contract execution and optimization of resources and processes in the various stages of the project / contract life cycle. We have extensive experience in the multiple specialties that are involved for the timely achievement of the objectives set by the organizations; within which are the following:

  • Project Management.

  • Management and Administration of Contracts.

  • Bidding processes for goods and services.

  • Projects Control.

  • CAPEX development and review.

  • Safety, Health, Environment and Community.

  • Risk management and lessons learned.

  • Quality Systems.

  • Constructiveness.

  • Maintenance of major equipment.

  • Field Engineering and Counterpart.

  • Automation and Control Systems. 


Most of our professionals have more than 20 years of experience in project development in the Energy, Mining, Oil & Gas and Construction industries, among others.


We have the academic support and experience necessary to train and empower professionals in the areas that interact in Project Management.

We are a strategic support for the generation and rescue of value of our Clients; we anticipate to avoid conflicts through the correct management of declared risks and timely identification of emerging risks during the development of projects.

We manage changes in a correct and timely manner, we optimize the processes and resources of the organization through the implementation of the PMI, Lean and Agile methodology. We reduce the margins of error and increase the chances of project success.